Schedule & Map

Streets Alive! Ithaca will be held on Sunday, May 4th 2014 from 1-5pm on North Cayuga Street and Court Street in Ithaca, NY. The main focus of the event is enjoying a street open for people to bike, walk, roll and move.May Routes

Ithaca High School Activity Hub

  • Bike Rodeo with Cornell Police
  • Electric Bikes with Larry Clarkberg
  • ICE CREAM by Dennis!
  • TCAT Bus – try out your bike on the bus!
  • Mobile Bike Repair with RIBS, Friends Bike Clinic and the Bike Rack
  • Earth Day at Boynton Middle School parking lot

Between IHS and Thompson Park

  • Taiko Drumming
  • El Rumbon Band – Cayuga @ West Falls from 1:30-3:30PM
  • Ithaca Children’s Garden – mobile garden
  • School of Rock

Thompson Park Activity Hub

  • Jane Jacobs Walks leave at 2PM and 3PM
  • Urban Plant Walk with Finger Lakes Native Plant Society leaves at 2PM
  • Food trucks (across the street at Kinney Drugs)
  • Greenstar Smoothie Bike – also will be mobile
  • Local organization activities

Between Thompson Park and GIAC

  • Dancing in the Streets! on Court at Cayuga with Finger Lakes Fitness
  • Bike Artification and Public Chalk art
  • Jump roping and street games

GIAC Activity Hub

  • Electric Slide
  • Tai Chi with Ithaca Tai Chi
  • Soccer team demo with GIAC Navigators
  • Big Red Bikes – borrow a bike and try out the route!
  • Mobile Bike Repair with Bomber Bikes and the Cornell Bike Collective

Mobile Activities – Walk the Route and Catch Them!

  • Meet Your Local Representatives – local reps enjoy the street
  • Eat N Run running group

Bathroom Locations

  • GIAC on Court Street
  • Thompson Park Port-o-potty (Accessible for the disabled)
  • Tabernacle Baptist Church on Cayuga at Lincoln

A note about Activity Along the Route
This is your street.  Enjoy it.  If you wish to add an activity, you can.  Pick a site on a part of the street, chalk your space and have fun.  Hacky sac, hula hooping, even street hockey.  Just make sure to leave more than 1/2 the street for traffic flow – cyclists, walkers, strollers, etc.  If you are planning in advance, you can let people know on Facebook.