Schedule & Map

Streets Alive! Ithaca will be held May 3rd, 2015 from 1-5pm on Cayuga Street and Court Street: IHS to GIAC in Ithaca, NY. The main focus of the event is enjoying a street open for people to bike, walk, roll and move.


Ithaca High School Hub

Boxy Bikes Cargo Bike Fair/E-Bikes ~ On Cayuga at far end of IHS hub; visible yet can ride up out to end of route if desired.

Friends Quick Fix Bike Clinic ~ West side across from IHS

IYB Bike Rodeo ~ IHS parking lot

TCAT Bus/Bike rack practice ~ IHS parking lot (bus and rodeo should both be visible, with folks able to get to bus without crossing through rodeo)

Free ice cream by GiveGab! ~ East side of Cayuga St., on grassy stretch between parking lot and Cayuga

INFO BOOTH + WATER ~ Grassy area on East side of High School

Open/dirt Area Northwest Side of Bridge

CycleNY Info & Mini Bike challenges

PRI Museum of the Earth hands-on activities

East side of Cayuga between Lincoln & Jay St. 

Tabernacle Baptist Church ~ bathrooms available

Flower Mandala-Making by Business is Blooming ~ In front of studio at 1005 N. Cayuga

West side of Cayuga between/around Jay and Lewis Sts.

Argentine and Uruguayan Friends Cultural Sharing

Free Hair Cuts by Rosalinda, donating hair to Pantene Foundation

Youth Farm Project

From Lewis to Thompson Park

Cayuga Chimes Chorus ~ Northeast corner of Lewis & Tompkins in front of forsythia recommended

Physics Bus ~ Northeast corner of Yates & Cayuga

Tai Chi ~ 610 N. Cayuga, west side between Yates & Marshall

Food Trucks ~ Marshall St. at Thompson Park

Compost & Recycling Center ~ Near food trucks

Thompson Park


Health Dept. Water Taste Test ~ Northeast corner of Park

Primitive Pursuits ~ Narrow street area stretching back into Park
Volleyball~ middle of park

Spring Writes Readings ~ Gazebo area

Mama’s Comfort Camp Family Art Table/Mandala ~ far southeast corner of Park

(Possibly: Parklet w/ elected officials ~ on Cayuga at south end of Park)

Across Cayuga St. from Thompson Park

Recycling Games by T.C. Solid Waste ~ In Dentist’s parking lot

Ithacash Scavenger Hunt ~ Across Cayuga St. from south end of Park

Cayuga St. between Farm & Court 

Family & Children’s Happiness Photo Booth ~ In front of greenery/blooms on east side of street near Cayuga

Corner of Cayuga & Court Sts

Dancing in the Streets! ~ w/ Finger Lakes Fitness

Jane Jacobs Walks leave at 2PM and 3PM

BWT Photo Booth ~ Southwest corner in front of old library mural

Ithaca League of Women Rollers ~ Court St. near Cayuga

Between Cayuga & GIAC on Court

Big Red Bikes to Borrow ~ North side of street on either side of Geneva

Wellness Activities at the Listening Tent ~ North side of street on either side of Albany

Lifelong Lemonade/Queen of Tarts Stands & “Ask Lucy” Booth ~ At Lifelong, south side between Geneva & Albany

Across from GIAC

CCETC Rethink Your Drink

FLIC Bean Bag/Ball Toss

GIAC Activity Hub

Centerline Fitness Challenges ~ grassy corner area from Albany St. to GIAC building

Cultura Ithaca’s Celebration of Cinco De Mayo ~ GIAC

Double Dutch & Hoola Hoops ~ far side of GIAC

Mobile Activities – Walk the Route and Catch Them!

Ryan Zawel and the Haiti Horns

Bicicocina (starting at GIAC, but might be roaming…?)

Bathroom Locations

GIAC on Court Street

Thompson Park (Accessible for the disabled)

Tabernacle Baptist Church on Cayuga at Lincoln

Ithaca High School

A note about Activity Along the Route
This is your street.  Enjoy it.  If you wish to add an activity that’s free and open to all, you can.  Pick a site on a part of the street, chalk your space and have fun.  Hacky sac, hula hooping, even street hockey.  Just make sure to leave more than 1/2 the street for traffic flow – cyclists, walkers, strollers, etc.  If you are planning in advance, you can let people know on Facebook.